Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hakikat Yang Harus Diterima

Macam ni kan bagus. Walau berbeza warna, tetap membantu sesama yang lain. Kerana mereka adalah spesis yang sama iaitu seekor KUCING. Yang kita manusia ada akal ni kalau tak jadi macam kucing ni, tak ke rasa kurang bersyukur kerana tak menggunakan akal ciptaan Allah?

Terimalah hakikat yang manusia tu mempunyai pelbagai pendapat. Jangan ego merasakan diri yang lebih tua lebih baik dan lebih banyak tahu asam garam kehidupan. Dan yang muda pula jangan pula tidak hormat pada yang lebih tua. Biarkan manusia membuat pilihan yang mana lebih baik bagi diri mereka. Setiap yang berlaku itu ada hikmahnya dan TELAH DIRANCANG OLEH ALLAH. Bila dah dirancang dan ditetapkan oleh Allah, pasti ada hikmah di sebaliknya.

p/s: Sudah-sudahlah menghasut manusia. Kita tak tahu kita benar atau tidak. Berkongsilah pendapat dan biar mereka yang memilih. Bukan kita yang pilih untuk mereka. Kita manusia. Manusia yang sama Tuhan iaitu Allah. Wallahualam.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt to all muslims and readers. This entry was taken from an article which was given by PERUBATAN CAWANGAN TANTA. I would like to share this which might make us thinking about what are we supposed to choose for a choice - GIVE or IGNORE.

The article sounds like this..

Its Nothing But About What You Choose For A Choice.. hmm ok i proceed. stay tuned. its just a beginning of the story..

If you intend to eat pizza or steak, you will find yourself within minutes in a hugh, air-conditioned restaurant without so much effort and energy. The time consume for you to choose from menu is longer than the time those foods to be served. A relflex 'ermmmmm...' when the food arrived, served by a handsome, charming prince looking waiter.

"Bon Appetite", the waiter said.

When you were about to eat those delicious, mouth watering food, your eyes catches a customer. On his table, a four full plate meals together with two serving of deserts is giving your some kind of electricity that make your eager to raise your hand and order for more. Your already served plate is untouched. Eventhough you know the fate of the side order foods..

You have everything. Food to eat, clean water to drink, education to enter, cars to transport, clothes to wear, blankets to warm, time to spend for leisure activities.

Have you ever heard or know or even notice of 'people with nothing'?

They are not here, they are not in front of us, they are not living aroung us. There are millions of them in this world. But the one of these 'people with nothing' that i want to tell is differ than the others. Why are they different? Why do they matter? They are different and matter to us because they utter the word shahada same as us. And they put their belief to The One same as us. The Somalians are our brothers. And their land is a neighbour of this land of prophets.

And just a single thing to add : they need, i mean in desperate need, for food, clean water supply, a shelter to cover their head, needs that hope to get from us, their brothers and sisters. They got the aid also from other non profit goverment society. BUT!! Their kindness bring along their mission of religion. 'Foods bartered with religion..'

Will we leave them alone in despair?

It's about what you choose.. a choice that you have to make. They do not ask for shelter of gold, or food of goddess. They just need us. What will you choose? Will you choose to keep silent or will you choose to lend your hand. It's about what you choose for a choice..

SOMALIANS,our hearts and prays come with you. be patient for Allah with us.