Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love vs Feelings


Ana nak kemukakan satu soalan yang tak pernah boleh ana nak jawab.
Ana nak minta antum dan antunna tolong jwbkan.

Between LOVE and FEELINGS,what are their main difference?

Sometimes people say that LOVE means that you may do everything just to make the person you love so much happily ever and after!

And sometimes people say that FEELINGS is just what you feel for a very short moment of time. For example, you may suddenly admire someone because he or she has something that really 'curik' your attention. FEELINGS can just make you flying without wings just for single or few days. Is it really?

Just want to know whether my opinion is similar like yours. Love is 'kurniaan' from Allah swt. I trust that Love always come to our life suddenly and its up to ourself to deal with it.

If you know that what is prohibited by Allah swt in the case of Love, so you would know very well between the PROHIBITED LOVE and the TRUE LOVE. Like what my friend said to me (actually she also reading from others blog), Love is involuntary just like our brain but not mind because we can control our mind so well rather than the brain which can never be controlled by ourself!

Therefore,FEELINGS is just similar to Love = INVOLUNTARY. hehe. but in my opinion, FEELINGS is akindofdisturb to human beings as it will make someone feel like there is nothing to think about except the FEELINGS!

But after all, I want to apologize to all the readers for my 'karut-marut' ni as I am actually practising my language just for the sake of my English final exam soon. :'(

So, if you like to leave your comment, I am willing to read it!

But please give me the positive one instead of the negative one. I mean that please make the comment as my motivation to improve my language.

In a nutshell, thank you for reading this. I hope that you will be enjoyed. Hopefully that we will be succeed in the Final Exam which is just around the corner. PRAY HARD and STUDY HARD.
InsyaAllah, everything is finally nice to hear(result). BISMILLAHI TAWAKKALTU ALALLAH.



ambiz said...

haha. menarik gak teori tu. :)

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