Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why smile when no one wants to see your smile??

Why smile when no one wants to see your smile?
Why and why?
Am i need to?
Where those people that i want them to see me?
To see me smile with happy-face?
Where are they?
No where?

No, there's people that wants to.
Yes. there's people that need you to.
because sometimes people concerned with you.
when you feel like no one's there,
but there is.
there is one that wants to make you smile.
one who wants to know you

don't let your smile fades through days.
because of yours,
one could feel better
and thank God that there's something
that could makes you smile
better than never
and hoping it will keep shining
days and days..


p/s: Smile though your heart is aching - Charlie Chaplin


ahmil zainuddin said...

Senyummu di hadapan saudaramu adalah sedekah bagimu - Imam Ahmad

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